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Hum Hum Waterfall- The Mystery Of Bangladesh

     Hum Hum Waterfall- The Mystery Of Bangladesh

Now I want to write few words about Hum Hum waterfall which is situated in Razkandi reserve forest, Maulvibazar district, Sylhet. It is discovered in 2009. It is actually a place where you can find the real taste of adventure. I went there in 2012 with Brac University Adventure Club. The height of the fall is about 135-160 feet. If you select rainy season to go there then you can discover the unlimited beauty of the fall. It is a matter of wonder that most of the Bangladeshi people do not even know about the fall. Now I will tell you how you can reach there. You can go throw bus or train from Dhaka to Srimangal. You can find some hotels there. The next step is to go kolabagan bosti. For going to kolabagan bosti  you need to hire a jeep. The most important thing is you need to start your journey early in the morning about 5-6 am. Carrying Knife, torch, dry food, fresh water, saline, glucose,first aid is a must for every one. Now a days there are a lot of guides available who can help the tourists to reach Hum Hum.  Take some bamboo sticks from kolabagan which will really helpful in the whole journey.


Now its time to start an adventurous journey. To reach Hum Hum fall you have to trek 3-4 hours  through  the muddy paths and jungle. When you travel trough the jungle you definitely find the unlimited beauty created by the God. Leeches are waiting there eagerly for you and the worst thing is that you can not escape from them. There are two way to reach Hum Hum fall. The guide will suggest you which will better to follow. While trekking you will find jiri path which is full of water and stones. You need to pass the path very carefully. Please do not spend much time too see the beauty of water fall or for bathing because if it is getting darker you need to struggle a lot. From my personal experience it is better to go Hum Hum with a team rather individually.           


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  3. Thanks for your article. Its really nice place.

  4. The worst thing happens when it rains during trekking. Otherwise its awesome!!!!!