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Saint Martin & Chera dip- the Island of Paradise

           Saint Martin & Chera dip- the Island of Paradise

St Martin Island, the most beautiful coral island with beaches fringed with coconut palms and laid-back locals. It is possible to walk around Saint Martin in a day as it measures just 8 km. It is situated just 9 km. south of the Cox’sbazar-Tekhnaf peninsula and formed the southernmost part of Bangladesh. It is called Narical Jinjira (“Coconut Island” in Bengali) by the local residence and also known as Daruchini Dip among the Bangladeshis.
It’s a totally clean and quite place and for the travelers it is very much enjoyable for your holidays as no one will disturb you, not even mosquitoes. November to February is the main sightseer season with the best weather you can visit on that time to enjoy fully. Most things are concentrated around the far north of the island, with the center and south being mostly farmland and makeshift huts. There is no electricity in the island though the hotels and lodges run generator in the evening for some hours. Rest of the time from night to till the sunrise you have to stay in dark which makes such romantic feelings among the travelers.

Saint Martin's Island Tourist Attractions:

·       Sunrise in the east side of the island and sun set on the west are the most charming scenario of this island.
·       St. Martin island is very much rich in marine life. However, in the southern part it hosts more species and it consists of some mangrove forest as well.
·       Village life is slow paced; mostly work in late night or early in the morning while midday is reserved for selling coconut and drying the cached fish.
·       The southern point of the Island has a millions of years old Rock formed from Coral. This area is called the Rock Beach and it should be visited by foot which is extended till Dakkhinamatha (the last point of the island in south).
·       As no electricity in night time the nights at Saint Martin Island are calm and quiet with gentle murmurs of the coconut trees. The moonlit night on the island provides peaceful and majestic experience.

Chera Dip:

Chera dip, one of the popular tourist places among the local travelers, is a part of St. Martin Island but divided during tides. One can go there by walking during low tide and it takes only one and a half hour to reach there. In addition of that, one can also go there by the local boats and motorboats as well. Lots of corals all over the island and a small bush consist, which is the only green portion of that island. Moreover this part also enhancing the beauty of Chera Dip. This island is empty as people do not there, so travelers usually go there in the morning and come back at evening.

How to go:

Getting to St. Martin Island is very easy now as the transportation system is improving day by day. Firstly, you can go Cox’sBazar by air, or bus. Lots of bus services are available and the fair is in-between 700-900 Bd tk. Train services available to Chittagong, then you can go from here just 3 hours bus journey to Tekhnaf. Actually, you have to catch a bus to Tekhnaf from anywhere like Cox’sbazar or Chittagong to go for St. Martin. From Tekhnaf ferries run daily early in the morning and take only 3 hours to the Island. Lots of travel agencies are available and they provide the package tours and you can also discuss with them for more information.

Where to stay:

An accommodation in St. Martin is limited so it is advisable to book accommodation before you plan to go to there. Lots of hotels, motels are available but remember that visitors will hardly get a chance to stay there if you are a sudden visitor on St. Martin Island. Overnight stay in St. Martin is really a great experience, feeling and listening to the shore of the sea. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you can have a moonlit night at this Paradise Island. The beauty of the full moon on this Island cannot be described in words. So, you have to be there and feel and enjoy it.
Usually, most people visit there during November to February as mentioned earlier as the season is the best to travel and enjoy. As the combined participation of Govt. and private initiatives, have developed some attractive tourist facilities so you can visit there to enjoy your holidays. Last but not least, eateries here offer BBQ dinner with fresh marine fish or lobsters.

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