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Mymensing-riverside silence near Dhaka

                                     Mymensing-riverside silence near Dhaka

Would you like to go in a natural green lonely place besides river near Dhaka? Besides, you want to take refreshment from the daily hassle life but don’t have the time to stay there for long time?
Then you should assign your first choice to roam in Mymensingh for a day long program. Mymensing, such a beautiful small city, located besides the old Brahmaputra River, a very old town in the history of Bangladesh, where you will find all the refreshment ingredients in your hand. It is just about 121 Km. far from the capital Dhaka and almost 3 hours bus or train journey. This small town is mainly famous for the renowned Bangladesh Agriculture University and for the natural beauty as well. University campus is so large and such a place of large amount of natural beauties. The one of the biggest campus of BAU and consist of the natural and beautiful scenario. Recently, BAU has inaugurated “The Fish Museum” in the campus where you can visit there. Nevertheless very few towns are located near river in Bangladesh and Mymensingh is one of them.  From the university to main town river is flowing besides the road and you can enjoy the whole journey if you come from the university area. Locally, the most popular attraction of this town is the riverside park which is just besides the Mymensingh circuit house. From there the beautiful scenario watching the other side of that river is just awesome. Even you can spend a whole day by just sitting besides the river through watching the beauties. In addition of that Joynal Abedin Shilpokola Academy is just besides the park and you can visit there and can take a glance in the academy. This is a classic attraction of the tourist and you can take a respect of the famous Joynal Abedin by visiting there. Not only this, you can also visit the Rajbari of Mymensingh and teachers training college as well. You can visit in Anandamohon College, one of the popular and renowned colleges under National University in Bangladesh.
According to the view of local people this city is also famous for the varieties of food among Bangladesh. The tea stall besides the river in park is very popular among the local people for Rong (cucumber and lemon) tea. Chotpoti and Fuska stalls are also renowned and delicious for food in park.  Lots of restaurants are also available for lunch and dinner like Dhanshiri, Sarinda, and Rom 3 etc. Here, the Kacchi Biriyani and Morog polau is the most popular item. Some hotels are also available for stay night but for the purpose of roaming usually people start early in the morning and come back in the night as it is just 3 hours journey. From Mohakhali after every 15 minutes buses are available like Ena, Shoukhin etc. and if you want to go there by train your first choice should be the Tista Express early 7.00 in the morning from Komlapur rail station. Besides other express and mail trains are also available to go for Mymensing. So, why be sited in your house in weekend, just take a holiday and stay the whole day at Mymensingh with more enjoy and excitement.

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