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Wari-Bateshwar, Narsingdi, Bangladesh

                    Wari-Bateshwar, Narsingdi,Bangladesh

Wari-Bateshwar is the newly established Archaeological site of Bangladesh. It is situated in Wari and Bateshwar villages, Belabo Upazila, Nasingdi district. The Pathan family mainly plays a significant rule to discover and increases the awareness about the site among the mass people. Hanif Pathan, a local school teacher discovers the site in 1933. Then he and his son Habibullah  Pathan have build a museum where they stored the collection of knobbed ware, rouletted ware, flakes, stones, various type of glasses and coins found from the site. They wrote several books and journals about the importance of this very important Archaeological site. The site gives the details information about the establishing the cultural, political and economy of the whole south Asia. The Department of Archaeology in Jahangirnagar University provides us the details information about the importance of the  site. They has been investigating the site since 1989 and started digging the site in 2000. However, more research needed to know various stuffs related to this Archaeological site. Now the question how can you explore the site? It is quite easy to visit Wari-Bateshwar from the capital Dhaka. There are a lot of bus services available from Mohakhali or Saydabad bus stand by which you can reach marjal bus station, Narsingdi and it will take not more than 2.30-3.00 hours. Then you will find some autos for going Belabo or directly to Wari-Bateshwar. The total costing of the whole tour will be 500-1000 taka only. 

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