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Kuakata, Barisal, Bangladesh

                  Kuakata,Barisal, Bangladesh

Any sea beach is an attraction to the nature lovers and tourists. In one sea beach can u want to enjoy both sunrise and the sunset? Is it possible or imagination in Bangladesh? Yes, it is possible, if you go to Kuakata sea beach.

Kuakata, locally known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea) is a rare scenic beauty spot on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. The Kuakata beach is 30 km long and 6 km wide as it is situated about 320 Km. far from Dhaka and 70 Km. away from Potuakhali district headquarter. At Kuakata excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty, sandy beach, blue sky, huge expanse of water of the Bay and evergreen forest in really eye-catching. The name Kuakata have originated from Kua-Well dug on the sea shore by the early Rakhine settlers in quest of collecting drinking water, who landed on Kuakata coast after expelled from Arakan by Moughals. Afterwards, it has become a tradition of digging Kua-Well in the neighborhood of Rakhaine homestead for collection water for drinking purpose and general use. Kuakata is one of the rarest places which have the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a calm environment.

That perhaps makes Kuakata one of the world's unique beaches which is the most attractive tourist attraction and makes a typical natural beauties. Bathing there is as pleasant as walking there. Kuakata, a totally virgin beach, popularly known as sanctuary migratory winter birds, a series of coconut trees, a feast for the eye. Boats playing in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, fishing, towering cliffs, surfing waves include everything touches every tourist’s soul. Not only this fisherman villages is another place where you can go and can watch the lifestyle, tradition of the fisherman. If  you are adventurous you may also go for fishing if u can manage the local fisherman.

 As the local peoples are more supportive, so you can easily adopt with them. This will give you such pleasure that you will never find from anywhere and you can also buy the famous Hilsha fish. Besides the unique customs and costumes of the 'Rakhyne' tribal families and Buddhist Temple which is about hundred years old indicate the ancient tradition and cultural heritage, where it makes Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities. During the "Rash Purnima" and "Maghi Purnima" Hindu and Buddhist devotees arrive here for a celebration and usually local fairs are also arranged by the local people.
There exists road communication between capital Dhaka and Potuakhali .Direct bus services are also available from Dhaka to Kuakata via Barisal. One can also go by water to kuakata as well. Everyday launches starts from sadarghat launch terminal to Patuakhali at the evening. Next mornings launches reach Patuakhali, then bus, car are easier vehicle to come Kuakata. Lots of luxurious hotels, motels are available and cheaper here for staying at night and don’t forget to eat the delicious Hilsha fish, the special attraction of Kuakata.

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