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Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh

                   Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Is there anyone who belongs to the subcontinent does not know about the Mughal period? I am pretty sure there is not anyone.  Mughal rulers built some significant structures during there period and Lalbagh Fort is one of them. The another name of the Fort is Fort Aurangabad.

It is an incomplete Mughal palace, situated at old Dhaka. The construction of the Fort started by Prince Muhammad Azam in 1678 AD. After Azam Shaista Khan was the next ruler of Bengal but he did not continue the work. The daughter of Shaista Khan named Bibi Pari(Lady Fairy) died in 1684 and she was led in the fort. The design of the Fort was awesome. In that time it was consists of three buildings- the mosque, the tomb of Pari bibi and the Diwan-i-Aam. The total area of the fort is 18 acres. Now there we find several roof gardens and fountains. There are two main gates available for the tourists. The main attraction of the fort is the tomb of Pari bibi. The Diwan-I-Aam isis attached with a Hammam. The big water tank (71.63 m) is situated at the front of Diwan-I-Aam. The Lalbagh Fort is now used as the most popular tourist spot in the busy Dhaka city. The fort is probably open for the tourists during 10 am- 6 pm.  

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